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Git guide (part 1 – basics)

I last 5 or so years I worked with a few companies and was responsible for migration to Git and teaching the team best practices and differences between Git and their old VCS. Sometimes it went smoothly, sometimes it took some time to adapt to few individuals. The companies were using SVN one of the was still on CVS. I liked every bit of the migration and mentoring tens of developers. It helped me to summarize my knowledge and group it to parts by level of knowledge. Git is really powerful tool. If you think that you mastered it, you are wrong. There are many parts you still don’t know and will not know to details, but that’s ok. You can find many “How to” guides on using Git, but I’ll try to follow little bit different approach and path. I’ll compare every step with SVN and CVS, which are the most common, or at least were, VCSs.

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