Continuous integration (part 1)

What is continuous integration Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging developer workspaces with a shared mainline several times a day. Its main aim is to prevent integration problems. CI was originally intended to be used in combination with automated unit tests written through the practices of Test driven development. Initially this was conceived […]

Git: Dealing with line endings – solution

If you are developing on one platform and not sharing your code, you will not have a problem with the line endings. But on multiplatform developed project you can have a problem with different line endings – Windows, Linux and Mac. As a solution Git has option to make the line endings consistent. To setup […]

Conference: VSLive! Redmond

If you’re looking for an unbiased blend of practical and immediately-applicable Visual Studio training, look no further than VSLive! Interact one-on-one with the Microsoft development team and industry experts to learn how to build better applications with the latest version of Visual Studio. Over 5 days, you’ll attend up-to-the-minute sessions on: Silverlight / WPF – […]

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