Import CSV into MSSQL database

This is really common task in any database project. You always need to get initial data into database. Maybe most common file format is CSV.

We have CSV file in drive C: with name import.csv with following content. The location of the file is C:\import.csv.


We will create table with these four columns.

  Login VARCHAR(20),
  FirstName VARCHAR(40),
  LastName VARCHAR(40),

Now we have everything we need to import the file into database. We will use BULK INSERT to put the data into table. If there is any error in any row it will be not inserted but other rows will be inserted.

FROM 'c:\import.csv'

Parameter FIRSTROW will tell BULK LOAD that we don’t want to import first line (= 1) because it contains headers.

If you will have table what have less columns than the csv file these columns will be added after text in the last column. If this column will reach maximum length, this line will not be inserted. With MAXERRORS you can specify the maximum number of error lines what are allowed before whole INSERT will be considered as failed.

Possible problems


  • User which runs bulk insert must have BULKINSERT permissions.
  • SQL Sever must have access rights to the file.

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10 thoughts on “Import CSV into MSSQL database

  1. Martin M?lek Post author

    You can try this, but you will need to have the Ad Hoc Distributed Queries enabled.
    SELECT *
    FROM OPENROWSET(?MSDASQL?,’Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)}; DEFAULTDIR=C:\t.csv; Extensions=CSV; HDR=No;?,’SELECT * FROM t.csv?)

    In all cases you can write a script which will import the data manually. Parsing the csv file and running the insert is easy to write.

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