Curriculum Vitae

Martin Malek

Personal Information:

  • place of birth: Prague, Czech Republic
  • citizen of Czech Republic
  • nationality: Czech
  • marital status: not married


  • 1998-2002; Gymnasium; Prague, Czech Republic

Employment History:

  • MSSQL Developer, .NET Developer at Summit Media since July 2007
  • PHP Developer, Database specialist at Summit Media since June 2005
  • PHP Developer, Database administrator at ISP since November 2003 till October 2004
  • PHP Developer at Nostromo since September 2000 till May 2002

Expert Developer Skills:

  • PHP (8+ years)
  • MySQL (8+ years)

Advanced Developer Skills:

  • Firebird (5 years)
  • MSSQL (2 years)
  • Linux (6 years)
  • XML (3 years)
  • Unit testing (5 years)
  • Project analyze
  • Photoshop

Basic Computer Skills:

  • XSLT
  • .NET (2 years)
  • C# (2 years)
  • ASP.NET (2 years)
  • Compact Framework (Windows Mobile) (< 1 year)

Personal Interests:

  • Sport
  • Photography
  • Fitness


  • Czech
  • English

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2 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Alexander Doktor

    Dobr? den Martine,

    hled?me u n?s v sou?asn? dob? v?voj??e pro PHP/Nette a cht?l jsem se proto zeptat, jak jste na tom v sou?asn? dob? s vyt??en?m, jestli byste m?l z?jem pobavit se u n?s o p??padn? mo?n? spolupr?ci.

    Sa?a Doktor

  2. Luu Ly

    Dear Martin,

    We are looking for a very senior PHP developer with strong analytic thinking for a project in Amsterdam. If you would be interested in this opportunity, I would be happy to talk to you and discuss further details.

    With best regards,

    Luu Ly

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