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Date: September 2000 till May 2002

LinuxExpo and HandyExpo

Date: September 2000 – March 2001

I worked in Nostromo as external developer since September 2000 till May 2002. My first work there were two similar projects created by me from scratch, one called LinuxExpo and second HandyExpo. Both sites are presenting information about Linux exhibition and exhibition about mobile devices. Both are created on custom CMS system.

Role: Freelance developer
Technology: PHP, MySQL


Date: March 2001 – July 2001

Second project was RedBox, developed on custom MVC solution which allow administrator and each user to move the windows on the site. RedBox was Internet portal with full-text search.

Role: Freelance developer
Technology: PHP, MySQL


Date: July 2001 – May 2002

Third and last web project i created for this company was internal web application for CETV. This applications was data warehouse containing data of viewership of television stations in Europe. It creates monthly statistic and graphs. This is first big database I worked with. It risen 1GB each month at the beginning. First data import was 6GB. All of them are stored mostly in one table.

Role: Freelance developer
Technology: PHP, Firebird
Interesting: first experience with big database and data warehouse

CGI s.r.o.

Date: November 2003 ? October 2004

I entered a job as lead developer and business analyst. My role was to create CMS system and create all projects on that system. On that system is now running all (maybe) web sites of Czech office of Hachette Filipacchi company (Maxim, Elle, Premiere, Apetit, Marianne, Marianne bydlen?). Some of them are migrated from eZ Publish because of the performance problems. On that system (called Hood) were developed another projects for Three brothers production (company shooting historical movies and cooperating with big international studios).

Role: Lead developer, communication with clients
Technology: PHP, MySQL, eZ Publish

Interesting: First really good CMS system I created and first experience with team leading and analyzing customer requirements. Created, in my point of view, good image gallery module which can resize, crop, stamp images with undo option.

Second big project was internal warehouse system for PapOil. It stores inventory information for all equipment they have.

Role: Lead developer, communication with clients
Technology: PHP, MySQL
Interesting: First experience with bar codes

Internet services promotion (ISP)

Date: October 2004 ? August 2005

I had there my first real big experience with leading the team (4 developers and 1 designer). We are creating portal for Czech government. The idea was to have all information about urban area on one place. This system contains information about inhabitants, land holding, bureau email communication, etc. Each bureau has it’s own local server and one server was located in our office. This server backup all data from each bureau server and were able to restore them if necessary. I was responsible for whole database design and unit tests as well.

Role: Team leader, responsible for database design and optimization
Technology: PHP, Firebird
Interesting: team leading, experience with transaction logging – upgrade scripts for main database

Summit Media

Date: August 2005 ? July 2010

When I entered this company it was one month after the Czech office was opened. There were 5 other developers and I experienced extreme programming for the first time. There is pair-programming with unit testing, really great experience.

I spend there almost five years. It gave me really much and learned me lot. Biggest experience I had there was the daily basis English communication and experience from PPC, marketing and SEO. I had the chance to try and learn many technologies and languages. From PHP a went to .NET and had been preparing for MSSQL certificate.


Date: August 2005 – May 2007

First project was for english company selling electronic goods, Think4 (web archive). First version was create on for me not intuitive CMS system created in house. The data was imported from CNET database, I was responsible for import script – linux shell scripts and database procedures. At the beginnig it was written on PHP with MySQL. After some time and with need of second version I iniciate the idea to switch the database engine. I was asked to create document which compares speed of PostgreSQL and Firebird.

Role: Developer, responsible for database design
Technology: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Interesting: extreme programming, unit tests, importing CNET experience, communication with customers in english

Digital cameras

Date: January 2006 – October 2007

Digital cameras project was another shop for british company selling photography goods (web archive). This project was created on new ECP platform. I was responsible for whole database design and main wireframe of the new MVC framework. This framework was used for all other shops. After a few months was the framework prepared with own ORM. After that this project was finished, we have some performance problems, many parts supports caching. This is my first experience with many caching options like, cache whole site, cache one particular part over all pages or cache only one database table.

Role: Senior developer, responsible for database and framework design
Technology: PHP, PostgreSQL
Interesting: created own ORM and MVC framework, great experience with data caching

Kitchen science and Laskys

Date: October 2006 – October 2007, November 2008 – November 2009

Both sites were for one company, this company sells white and electronic goods in UK. It’s one of the biggest in UK. Both projects were based on the framework used before. For these two projects is necessary to use two database servers and two web servers. The caching was improved.

Role: Senior developer, responsible for database and framework design (November 2008 – November 2009 team lead, 3 developers)
Technology: PHP, PostgreSQL, Datacash
Interesting: experience with data caching and script optimization


Date: October 2007 – May 2008

Web aplication for british estate company, second biggest in UK. It was created on .NET 2.0, we used DotNetNuke for that.

Role: Developer
Technology: .NET, C#, .NET Nuke, MSSQL
Interesting: first commercial .NET application, created web UI tests with Selenium


Date: May 2008 – November 2008

PPCPM (aka Pay-per-click Portfolio Manager) was application used for two companies – and Trinity mirror. It was developed inside of MSSQL 2005 with stored procedures and some external assemblies. It gets data from client database and created campaign for them on Google AdWords application. There were many logic parts which says in whichc conditions should each keyword be generated.

Role: Responsible for database design and procedures, communication with client
Technology: MSSQL
Interesting: experience with Google API, greate improvment in MSSQL knowledge

Web tracking – internal application

Date: June 2008 – August 2008

Application tracking user movement on web site. It’s possible to track each click on site and analyze profit from customers AdSense campaigns. Another feature was that you are able to see wher customer click, how long he is looking at that page and what’s the next step. I was responsible for database design and coordinating two externist developers.

Role: Developer, responsible for database structure, procedures and data mining
Technology: MSSQL, Reporting services

Mamas and Papas

Date: July 2008 – October 2008

E-Shop for another british company (not finished). Created on Sharepoint and Commerce Server.

Role: Developer, responsible for database structure
Technology: .NET, C#, Commerce Server, Sharepoint, MSSQL, WCF
Interesting: experience with Commerce Server and Sharepoint

Carpetright and Sleepright

Date: November 2009 – July 2010

Role: Team leader (5 developers), communication with client
Technology: PHP, MySQL, Biztalk
Interesting: experience with high traffic site and complex optimization, integration with SAP and Navision

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