Author: Martin Malek

Create you own widget in WordPress

I just experienced one problem when create own widget for wordpress. The problem is taht I know that I need to use register_sidebar_widget. Problem appears after installing the plugin. I’m getting error: Call to undefined function register_sidebar_widget I found few examples where calling to this method is in inside of statement which checks if the […]

Difference between Clustered and Non-Clustered Index Data Structures

When you first create a new table, there is no index created by default. In technical terms, a table without an index is called a ?heap?. As you would expect, the data we will insert into the table will be returned in the same order. A non-clustered index is a special type of index in […]

Simple custom C# event handler

The event model in C# is based on idea of publisher and subscribers. Each publisher can have more subscribers subscribed to each event. Publisher will do some logic and publish an event to all subscribers. Subscribers will do their logic reacting to raised event. In C#, any object can publish a set of events to […]

Google Analytics – tracking external links

Recently I was asked to implement extension which will track external links into Google Analytics. For me I was facing to problems. One I that if you have running 3rd party system it’s hard to implement anything, that will change all external links and the second one is that Javascript is not my cup of […]

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