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My name is Martin Malek. I work for British developer company as a Program Developer and Database Administrator. Before this I was the Chief Developer at ISP Promotion czech company. I was also involved in a few PHP and Python libraries.

After the years of developing on PHP I created a few frameworks and ORM library which is the last think I want to finish on PHP. More than one year ago I moved to Microsoft technologies and started with C# and MSSQL. Now I’m in the middle of preparations for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance exams.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jorge Mario Serrate


    I read your article “Developing with the Catalog System”, and I have a question about the catalog system.
    I’m trying to implement a site from the “Starter Site” of Commerce Server 2009. It have a SiteMap where it show the categories and its products, but I need to create a field to tell the commerce that it is not visible. I would like to know ?how can I do that? ?changing the provider? ?where the commerce create the node??Is posible to say it that not show some node if it have a property on true or false?. Thanks.

  2. Erica Knoch


    Hello, I just read your blog about VSLive! – thanks so much for a great post, I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this event.

    I hope you are able to attend. Thanks again.


    Erica Knoch
    VSLive! Team/Tuvel Communications
    VSLive! is a client of Tuvel Communications

  3. Josh

    Hey Martin,

    I first found your blog as a, still, novice programmer attempting to propel myself into the next level of programming. The blog you made about the events was fantastic and exactly the level I needed to both understand the power of and how to use the custom events in C#.

    I’m hoping you can do the same thing with the delegate topic as most of the examples I’m able to truly understand are written so basic that there is no reason to use them over separate methods. I, along with many other novice programmers, have a terrible time with the delegate topic.

    Thanks again!

  4. Martin M?lek Post author

    Hi Josh,
    I’m glad that you like the article and thanks for the idea to make another post about the delegate topic. I’ll try to do that in near future. If you will have any other idea, please let me know.

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